Here are your answers to the top 5 questions:

What exactly do we do here?
we are an eyelash extension salon. We apply only INDIVIDUAL eyelash extensions for the safety of your natural lash. NO strips, NO clusters We use the Novalash & Xtreme lash application methods
What types of lashes do you offer?

We offer:
Novalash synthetic, Silk, Faux Mink, Mink & Sable individual lashes

Will they damage my real lashes?
NO! It is our meticulous 4-step application method and our experienced after care products & practices that we will teach you that ensures the health & safety of your natural lashes
How long do they last?
They last indefinitely with once per month infills and easy proper aftercare practices We all shed about 5 lashes per day and are constantly growing new lashes when you come for fills we are applying them to your new growth so you never need to remove them all because every 2-3 months you have a full new set
Is it difficult to maintain lash extensions?
NO! we will take your current lash, makeup and facial hygiene routine and give it an easy tweek and offer you some necessary “lash friendly” products if necessary

Our 3 Lash Steps:

#1-Thorough Consultation
Together we will decide on the lash style that will best suits your eye shape & lifestyle we will discuss where to focus the length to best open up your eyes also the thickness & fullness (amount of lashes put on) We also must analyze the current state of your natural lashes to determine if that style is achievable. Sometimes it may take 2 or max 3 visits to achieve the look you desire
#2-Lash Application
You will relax on one of our beds We will go over with you the current state of your lashes (length in mm & thickness) any damage we see and how best to correct it enjoy our music/ conversation or you may wear headphones (ask your lash artist if you need a pair to borrow) if you desire privacy just ask us to close our curtains please keep your cell phone on vibrate
#3-Proper Lash Aftercare Information
we will make sure before you leave you know EXACTLY how to take care of your new lashes we will give you our best tips & tricks of our trade we will also provide you with the proper aftercare products you will need to ensure the health of your natural lashes and to protect your investment by keeping your extensions on the longest possible time

A Message from Veronica, the Owner

Thank you for choosing my salon. I have hand picked and trained the BEST team of lash artists.

We truly care about our clients and LOVE what we do!

Our Promise to You

We will provide you with the safest set of eyelash extensions and give you the very best unique and beautiful lashes we possibly have to offer you, every visit with us.

What we Need from You

This is super important to understand…what I have developed with my amazing team is lash ART.

I do not have any lash technicians that just slap on one size fits all looks. What we do takes the focus of threading a needle (best way I can explain) we never know exactly how many lashes you will need to fill until you’re on our beds PLEASE allow for an extra 15-20-min leeway in your schedule so you (and us) aren’t feeling rushed Trust me on this, FAST does NOT equal good AT ALL on this type of beauty service.

Our 3 Lash Steps:

For a complete course outline text your email address to 561-800-6075