Lash Training

Learn the Amazing Art of Eyelash Extensions

Invest in the BEST training for the fastest growing beauty service.
What makes Lash University the best training? We are an “all brand inclusive” school. That means, NO sales pitches, no wasting your class time or dime on why just one brand is at the heart of your success.

We train you to use MANY different brands because one size does NOT fit all. We focus on your actual ability to lash clients properly. A great lash artist can use almost any product and succeed. Learning the steps effectively is the key!

We invest our time, knowledge, secrets and best tips gained over 6 years of lashing clients full time. Your success at our school is our success too.

We invest our time, knowledge, secrets and best tips gained over 6 years of lashing clients full time. Your success at our school is our success too.

We enjoy teaching and love inspiring women to enter into this career. As single moms, lashes saved our families and brought us the financial gains to be independently successful.

Our Mission is to give back and enthusiastically train others to do the same. There are not many careers where you can earn $1500+/week.

We have 2 structured classes, then you are welcome to come in and have observed practice on your friends and family members until we together feel you are ready.


Class #1

10am – 5:00pm
Dress comfortably, lunch is provided. We go right into teaching you ONLY what you need to be taught to be successful NOT wasting your time & money on what you can easily read in your manual.

Topics Include:

  • What’s in your tool/supply kit
  • How and when to use the various materials/curls/lengths/diameters of lash extensions
  • Thorough explanation of the top 5 questions clients will ask you
  • How to do a professional consultation/release forms
  • How to protect yourself, and your clients from injuries
  • Sanitization standards
  • Taping methods
  • The two top eyelash extension application/isolation method
  • Various separation techniques
    How to do practice skills at home

Class #2

2-Hours Structured Learning

  • Eye Shapes and top styles
  • How to end your lash services
  • How to instruct proper after care to your clients and sell necessary products 3-hours guided practice on live model (please let us know ahead of time if you will not have a model, we can help)
  • How to do a fill on a returning client
  • How to do safe removals
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Business strategies

Once you receive your LASH University certification, your support keeps going with our Monthly business & Lash success groups. You also receive 15% off your Eye Candy lash services, retail continuing education and advanced lash courses.
*For those students who qualify, we offer apprenticeships with guaranteed employment.*
The state of Florida does require students to be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist
Only $950

(Sign up with a friend and get $100 off)
Training kit and manual are included.
You will need to provide a live model to class #2 from 1:00 – 4:00pm

For a complete course outline text your email address to 561-800-6075.