Lash Services


Up to 90 minutes
50% lashed
Limited lash manipulation
Looks like one coat of mascara
Easy to maintain
Only you will know…Shhh…We’ll keep your secret

Full Set $149

2 Hours
Classic, individual extensions placed one-by-one on up to 75% of your natural healthy lashes
Adds length, depth, shine
Unique lash manipulation to suit your lash desires
Easy maintenance with our aftercare tips
You and your friends will notice (and be jealous!)

Volume 3D-6D (Most Popular)$250

The most innovative way to add natural looking fullness to your lash line. We meticulously fan 2-5 fine, virtually weightless extensions to one of your healthy natural lashes. It is because of this fan shape that these have become so popular. They appear more natural than the classic and the fan we create wraps around your lash making them last longer. This method of application also allows us to even out and fix inconsistencies in your natural lash line.

Mega Volume 6D-12D 2-hours$300

For the absolute maximum in texture, depth, fullness and glamour. The newest craze to hit our lash world. Here we apply 6-12 truly weightless extensions to each of your healthy, natural lashes. Make a statement with your eyes. They also give you an eyeliner effect so no makeup needed.

Mega Volume Fills:

1-hr $125 (2 weeks)
1.5 hr $155 (3 weeks)
2 hr $185 (4 weeks)

Lash Lift/Lash Perm

This adds semi-permanent curl to your natural lashes that lasts up to 8-weeks
$60 (45-min)
Add lash tint + $20
Add Lash Botox/Keratin Boost + $20
We apply a Keratin boosting treatment to strengthen and plump up your natural lashes


1 Hour $65 (2 Weeks)
1.5 Hour $99 (3 Weeks)
2 Hour $125 (4 Weeks)

Volume Fills

1 Hour $95 (2 Weeks)
1.5 Hour $130 (3 Weeks)
2 Hour $155 (4 Weeks)

Simultaneous Service Add Ons:

Services while you are getting lashed
Miami Peel: $40
Manicure: $20
Gel Manicure: $40

Demi Tease me Set$99

Just enough lash flirt for more De Muir eyes

1 Hour
Includes one coat of semi permanent mascara.

45 minutes 25% lashed