Eye Candy Lash Lounge is proud to offer SofTap® Permanent Makeup. This service is perfect for clients who pencil their eyebrows, color and re-shape their lips, or for anyone who loves the look of eyeliner but hates the pain of applying it. Doing a full face of makeup is not only time consuming, but some days it’s not even an option. In addition to that, buying all of the various beauty products racks up the cost fast!

Permanent makeup provides the perfect solution. SofTap®’s natural colors are perfect for various applications and skin shades. It’s so natural looking that your best friend won’t even know you’ve had anything done.

How Does It Look?

The results of permanent makeup can vary, depending on the method used to implant the color, the color(s) used, and the environmental factors. Sun exposure, facial cleansers, skin care products and natural exfoliation will cause your permanent makeup to fade faster.

Do I Have To Maintain It?

Due to natural fading from environmental factors, permanent makeup does require a small amount of maintenance. This doesn’t mean the procedure is not permanent! The pigment particles implanted on your first visit do remain in your skin, they just need to be touched up from time to time to look truly fabulous.

Do you want the beauty of makeup without the daily fuss? Eye Candy Lash Lounge performs the following permanent makeup applications:


  • Shaping
  • Reconstruction
  • Fill-In
  • Hair Strokes